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March 12, 2002 I was told by my spiritual guides, "Fear not for your work will be accomplished by self realization, not self actualization as was your pattern in the past."

Ever since my vision in India in 1998 that I would create a New Millennium community on one-hundred-ten acres on the west side of Richmond, Virginia, I have deeply questioned this immense project.


In July 2002, after three years of paperwork, we received our federal tax exempt status and in September I settled on ten acres in Rockville, Virginia. This comes after six years of living out of a suitcase, half of this time having been spent in India.

Akhand Param Dham of America now has a headquarters, and I finally have a home large enough to hold retreats, camps for children, vision quest, medicine wheels and sweat lodges. It is a place for Swami Parmanand to retreat and to have large outdoor gatherings for the public.

The East West Bridge will be a place for people to realize the SELF, as a quote from Mandukya Upanishad states, "This SELF is the lord of all, this internal ruler, this the source of all things, this is that out of which all things proceed, and into which they shall pass back again."

So I pray through my experience to have the wisdom of the feminine principal, to have the intuitive and transmuting power of the higher mind for this project. I also pray to bestow on me the wisdom of the masculine principal or Higher Self to be a master worker beside the Supreme Self.

Wisdom appears to be parallel to the old testament idea of "Spirit" - Breathed into man by God. The statement of the Hebrew is not that wisdom dwells in friendly alliance with intelligence, but that she dwells in intelligence, an unexampled for of expression.

So, quoting further, "Sujata (of happy birth) is , of course Dharma or Prajna, divine wisdom personified as a woman."

Let this be the beginning of Akhand Param Dham of America, home of complete and unbroken Bliss - the true EAST WEST BRIDGE.



Annual Fund

Akhand Param Dham of America is a federal tax exempt (509-A) non-profit organization that renders various services for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development of society. These services are educational, charitable, and healing.

Swami Parmanand Maharaj is the founder of 20 ashrams, 11 schools for poor children, a home for children saved from the streets developed on 43 acres that were donated for this purpose. His spiritual and social work in India brought him to the United Nations to speak at the first Millennium Peace Summit in New York, August 2000. He has joined Rev. Sally Perry on three visits in 2000, 2001 and 2002, bringing his philosophy and spiritual teachings to America. This year he plans a three month tour.

Rev. Sally Perry spent 17 years on the founding board of Cosmetology for the Virginia Beach Vocational-Technical School because of her interest in giving young people a chance at a better education. In 1984, after receiving the distinguished award of Outstanding Business Woman of the Year for the Hampton Roads region, Sally entered into an intensive spiritual journey, receiving her cleric title and creating her own healing practice, which eventually took her to India to meet and work with Swami Parmanand.

Please join Swami Parmanand and Rev. Perry as they plan and produce charitable and educational programs here in America. They are taking on the project of building an ashram (community) with a meditation and prayer center where people of all faiths can come to retreat and attend lectures and exchange ideas to enrich and support the life of all. They also have set plans to create a children's home for those who have lost parents or guardians. This program will begin with summer camps and eventually become a facility where children can live and grow in a loving environment.

Like most not for profit corporations, Akhand Param Dham of American, East West Bridge supports itself on donations as well as sales of books published in America. Please be generous when considering your tax-deductible donation.


Mail your Tax Deductable donation to:
Akhand Param Dham of America
19400 Turkey Road
Rockville, Va 23146

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