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Yug Purush Swami Parmanandji

An Enlightened Master

More often than we can guess, masters arrive in our life and we just need to show up to get the blessings that the Gods have allowed to permeate the earth.


One such master was in America for a short time.  Yug Purush Swami Parmanandji is an enlightened master from India. He is a great scholar/philosopher of Bhakti, Yoga and Vedanta. Vedanta is the ultimate teaching of oneness.

In August 2000, Swami was invited to speak at the first World Millennium Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders. the Summit was held at United Nations General Assembly Hall in New York City.

Swami has dedicated his life to building ashrams (spiritual communities) which feed, clothe and house the saints (sadhus) of India. Sadhus renounce everything to become one with God. He also oversees twenty schools for poor children taken from the hospitals and streets.

Join me as I travel around the US on a Fundraising Tour to support Swami's vast projects. 

  May 22 Cold Springs Harbor, NY
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  May 23-24

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Lloyd Neck Harbor, NY
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  June 10-16

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Rockville VA
4 day Retreat
June 17: Hampton Va.
American Theater
(757) 722-2787
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To learn more about Swami's work in India visit his website  Click Here






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