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Figure 8 Long Dance

May 16 -17 2009

 Long Dancing is an ancient dance that is celebrated at night. 


Join Sally Perry, Spirit Medicine 

Rockville, VA

"The inspiration will come in on its own accord. All we have to do is let go of our blocks. We let go through movement. One of the ways I do it is through dancing. 

Because God is Wah-Mah-Chi, breath, matter, and movement. If we are dancing, we are breathing. We have to breathe, otherwise we'll die. We're breathing, we're dancing, which is movement, and we're letting go of blocks and bringing in new physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies through that movement.

We spend a weekend during the year doing this dance, and once we start this practice, then for the rest of the 365 days after a particular dance, we'll have moments of inspiration.

What is it like for the dancer after the long dance, when we've danced through the night without stopping? After we get through our tiredness, there is a great clarity. We feel clearly placed in the world and happy. Then we might have moments starting to break through every now and then, when everything seems to be shimmering and alive. Suddenly everything seems to be in connections.

Suddenly, in that instant, we are stimulated mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. The dancing, the chanting, the fasting, or whatever are ways to create the possibility of receiving 

       Joseph Rael , Beautiful Painted  Arrow

                                                            "The Way of Inspiration"


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Long Dance

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